Linda Kohanov in the Netherlands & Belgium in June 2018

Linda Kohanov will visit Holland and Belgium in the second half of June 2018, after addressing a leadership symposium in France in early June. In Holland she will give a one-day interactive lecture and a two day workshop with horses around the leadership model in her new book The Five Roles of a Master Herder. She will also give a 9-day intensive ‘Train the trainer’ session for European Eponaquest and Master Herder Instructors around The Five Roles.

These events are hosted and organised by Josselien Janssens, Eponaquest and Medicine Horse Way Master Instructor (POH)


English Language Eponaquest Workshops in Holland
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The nature of leadership: connecting in relationship

Natural leadership with horses as guide and mirror

Join this 2-day English language experiential weekend workshop/training with horses in the vicinity of Amsterdam. This interactive programme activates your unique authentic power and helps you to resolve what is blocking you in aligning with your life’s purpose.

This workshop covers basic background information, skills and activities to strengthen and deepen the quality of your relationship with yourself as prerequisite for connecting with others (be they horses or people!) in your life.

Horses are natural masters in trust-based leadership. They show you how to move steadily towards your goals and ‘be in the flow’ with the trust that is found in empowered connection with your intuition.

You will practice with:

  • Hands-on activities with horses as guides
  • Using emotion as information
  • Accessing a more authentic, creative presence
  • Recognizing and moving beyond conditioned behaviors and thought patterns
  • Setting Boundaries: establishing and maintaining clear and consistent personal space
  • Body Scan: using the body as a sensing device
  • Developing essential skills for building Authentic Community

This workshop is facilitated by Eponaquest Instructor Josselien Janssens. Josselien is trainer, coach and an expert in natural leadership. She studied with EFL pioneer Linda Kohanov in Arizona and edited the Dutch translation of her latest book ‘The Power of the Herd’.

She has been working as an equine facilitated leadership and personal development trainer-coach since 2011. Before that she worked for 20 years as project manager and team leader in a dynamic international organisation.

Josselien: “Horses have been influencing my life since my earliest memories. They help us find the gifts of insight hidden in our challenges and so to transform our lives. I love sharing the experience of deep connection and presence in relationship they invite us to tap into with my clients.”

Reactions and insights of clients:

“Josselien’s attention and presence provided a safe space to show more of myself”
“I can achieve a lighter way of living by taking my place without fighting”
“It is striking how much emotion we convey with our body language”
“I learned that conviction is more important than any practical means”
“Every time is the first time”(when it comes to connecting)
“Cooperation depends on more than words, it depends on sensing”
“Trust in action is key”
“Delicious lunch” 🙂

While in itself a short, intensive personal development retreat, this workshop introduces you to the philosophy and methods of the Eponaquest Approach™ to Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning.

The horse activities include ground exercises only, not horse riding. Prior horse experience is not required.

    • Dates are planned on request for groups starting with 2 participants
  • Location: Amstelhoek (Amsterdam area)
  • Price: €347,- (inclusive coffee/tea, lunch, materials)

This training programme can be tailored towards corporate teams. For more information, contact Josselien Janssens – Tel: +31(0)615893933 – or through the contact page.

The introductory workshop covers the prerequisite curriculum to do more advanced work with Linda Kohanov and to join the Eponaquest/NOW apprenticeship to become an equine facilitated experiential learning coach/trainer according to the Eponaquest approach.

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