Linda Kohanov in the Netherlands: October 2019

Linda Kohanov and Rasa – (c) Guy Atchley

American bestseller author Linda Kohanov will visit Holland in October 2018. She will share the revolutionary insights from her work with horses, much of which is documented in her new book “The Five Roles of a Master Herder”.

Her earlier books “Tao of Equus”, “Rider between the Worlds”, “The Way of the Horse”, “The Power of the Herd” and “The Five Roles of a Master Herder” are considered standard works in the field of animal assisted training & coaching.


The following events are planned:

Thursday 10 october 2019 – Evening lecture “The Heart of Evolution: New light on the Human-Animal bond”

Friday 11-Sunday 13 October – Sentient Communication Workshop for leadership and personal effectiveness (more information to follow)

These events are hosted and organised by Josselien Janssens, Advanced Eponaquest Instructor, Master Herder Instructor and Medicine Horse Way Master Instructor (POH) from The Netherlands.


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